The administration window for the 2023 NYC School Survey is February 13 through March 31.

To access the survey-taking link, visit NYCSchoolSurvey.


Video by Barry Kaufman (FLHS Teacher) and Alan Kaufman 


Locker Assignments for Physical Education classes were sent via email to students' accounts (only to those students who purchased a lock combination).  Please check your email for the locker number and combination.

If you purchased a lock/combination but did not receive a locker assignment, please visit the Student Organization Office, Room 158, Periods 5-9.

Please complete THIS FORM if you are having issues with your currently assigned locker/lock.

Here is a short video on how to open your lock.

FLHS COVID Positive Test Reporting Form

Please fill out THIS FORM completely ONLY if you have tested positive on any COVID test (PCR, rapid PCR, Rapid or At-Home kit) 




Tips to stop the spread of COVID-19


NYSSMA 2023 Solo Festival Application

Please complete THIS FORM to have FLHS assist with your NYSSMA Application.


NYC Well Chat

If you need support and prefer to chat, NYC Well Chat is available 24/7/365.

Additional Mental Health and Social Services Resources


Special Workshops for Parents/Guardians

Free Virtual Conflict Resolution and Restorative Chats workshops for Parents/Guardians hosted by NYCID.


NEW Princeton Review SAT Prep for FLHS Students

The FLHS PTA, in conjunction with Princeton Review, is offering IN-PERSON SAT Prep Courses for Francis Lewis High School students at a discount


Student Pick Up and Drop Off

Please do not pick up and/or drop off your child in front of Francis Lewis High School on Utopia Parkway. Parking is not permitted in front of the school building from 7 AM to 7 PM. Double parking is never permitted. This is creating a very dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers alike. The 111th Police Precinct has brought this issue to our attention as this is a hazard and a serious concern for our children’s safety. Police officers will be issuing tickets. Parents are urged to pick up and drop off their children on 59th Avenue and on Booth Memorial Avenue only. Also please be reminded to turn your car engine off when waiting for your child. It is against the law to leave your car idling. Thank you for your cooperation.



NYC Parent Services Account

Use ALONG w/ PupilPath!

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School Mental Health
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FLHS International Festival

FLHS No Place for Hate

FLHS Music Department

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