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Senior Student Policies

Senior Trip and Prom Participation Policy

In order to attend the Senior Trip or Prom, students must be academically on track to graduate. Specifically if any student is currently failing or has failed a course needed for graduation the student will not be permitted to attend the Senior Trip or the Prom. This will be measured by a failed course that has not been made up through Academic Intervention/Summer School or a failing grade on the 2nd progress report in the current term. Please note any grade below 65 is considered a failing grade. In addition, if there is any concern for student safety due to recent disciplinary action, the student will be excluded from all extracurricular activities.

Graduation Ceremony Eligibility

Per NYCDOE policy, middle and high school students must meet promotion/graduation requirements to participate in their school’s moving up or graduation ceremony. In addition, a student who is already on suspension at the time of the graduation or other commencement-related activities may be prohibited from attending when he or she poses a real threat of violence or disruption to the event; the exclusion must be proportionate to the infraction committed.

For more detailed information regarding these policies, please refer to the Senior Handbook.