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International Relations


The International Relations Track incorporates three different electives which expose students to issues on an international scale. Students will learn about current events, identify the origins and reasons for conflict, research various issues around the world, participate in mock debates, track the progression of human rights and better prepare themselves to be active citizens in the global community. At the end of each school year the students within this program plan and lead a school-wide event titled WE WALK… in which they address a specific global issue and raise awareness and funds to make a difference. Students develop a sense of global citizenship and are able to become leaders within their communities. Students within this program have the opportunity to graduate with the unique distinction of the Seal of Civic Readiness on their diploma indicating that they are an informed and engaged member of society.




Student Testimonials:


“I have been part of the International Relations Program since my freshman year and have loved being part of this program ever since. I would recommend this program to other students due to the endless number of opportunities. For instance, in this program we get to take many trips such as visiting the United Nations Headquarters. This program also helps better prepare ourselves to be active citizens in the global community.”


“The International Relations Program is a very hands-on and teamwork oriented program. In the first year of the program, we did projects regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, a mock trial (we put a world leader on trial on whether or not he was guilty of violating human rights), and at the end of the year, participated in a “Walk for Water” event where we made projects discussing the issue of clean water.”


“The International Relations program has been by far one of my favorite classes because it is really interesting to learn about real time and past problems the world has faced. We also got to go on fun trips. I would truly recommend taking this program because it helps with other classes.”