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School-Wide Conduct Rules

Dear Students and Parents:

The beginning of the school year is a time to dedicate yourself to being a success. We are available to help you stay on course. Your experience at Francis Lewis High School can be filled with opportunities for learning, building friendships and contributing to the life of our school and community. By consistently following school rules you will be taking the first important steps toward your success.

The following is a summary list of the school-wide code of conduct. This summary should serve as a reminder of your responsibilities as a Francis Lewis student and a member of our community.

    1. Students are expected to follow their program at all times. Students must not be in the halls during class time without an “out of room” pass. Loitering in halls will result in a parent conference, continuing this behavior will result in additional disciplinary measures.
    2. Every student has a responsibility to be in his/her seat when the late bell rings. Excessive lateness will not be tolerated and may result in parent conference.
    3. Bathrooms open ten minutes after the late bell and close ten minutes before the end of the period.
    4. Students are prohibited from leaving the building during their school day including their lunch period. Smoking on school grounds is prohibited.
    5. Students are prohibited from bringing hot beverages and glass bottles into the school building. Plastic screw cap bottle are permitted. Food cannot be taken from the cafeteria.
    6. Dress must be appropriate for the classroom and not disruptive to the educational process. At Lewis we “dress for success”. Hats and other non-religious head coverings are prohibited. Please do not wear cut-off shorts or shirts.
    7. Cell phone use is prohibited in school. In an emergency, parents may contact you through the school switchboard. (Please see the schools Cellphone use policy)
    8. Students must not use foul or profane language or any ethnic, racial, or religious slurs in any verbal or written communications.
    9. Gym lockers may be used ONLY during gym class. Don’t leave your books or belongings in your locker at any other time.
    10. Passage to and from outside classes must be made through exits 12/13.
    11. Fighting or any other physical confrontation will result in suspension, possible involuntary transfer to another school and possible arrest. Resolve conflicts peacefully; fighting results in suspension. Mediation services are available, ask a Dean or SSA or your teacher.
    12. Students must always show respect for each other’s personal property and each other’s feelings.
    13. Students must not engage in any physical or verbal forms of sexual harassment toward anyone.
    14. Students who deface either the interior or exterior of our building in any way will be suspended and subject to possible arrest and/or involuntary transfer to another school.

Your success starts with you when you make the right choices every day.


Dr. David Marmor, Principal