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Our Mission & Vision


Francis Lewis High School takes a great deal of pride in being recognized as one of the elite schools in the New York City Department of Education. An “A” rated school with a strong sense of community, FLHS is committed to preparing our students for post secondary success. Our unique guidance approach ensures personalized attention to address the students’ individual needs. In addition, our state of the art data systems monitor student progress and achievement. As a result, our students are academically prepared and challenged for the future. In our college bound culture, students thrive in the safe and secure learning environment which focuses on developing 21st Century leaders. Our exemplary status has made us the number one most selected high school in NYC.

The Francis Lewis High School Mission

Francis Lewis High School is a comprehensive, academic secondary setting dedicated to serving all students. Its diverse population reflects the multicultural community it serves. Its mission is to promote life-long learning by providing students with the requisite skills and an inherent value for continued growth. Through a program of challenging academic experiences, Francis Lewis High School encourages youngsters to reach for ever-increasing expectations. By consistently providing for the intellectual, social and ethical growth of all students, Francis Lewis High School serves its community.

Our Vision:

For all Francis Lewis High School students to graduate with mastery of the academic, organizational and social/emotional skills necessary to be successful in college, career and life, and to be leaders and positive role models within their community.