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Instructional Support Services (ISS)

Francis Lewis High School is committed to offering an inclusive and comprehensive educational program for students with disabilities. The school provides all recommended programs to meet student needs in all settings. Francis Lewis High School offers students with disabilities a challenging program of study with opportunities to enjoy all extracurricular activities. The school's team of Instructional Support Specialists work closely with parents to ensure that the student's needs are met throughout their time at Francis Lewis High School. The team ensures that the students are on track to graduate high school successfully and are prepared to meet future challenges.


The school offers a range of services, such as SETSS, ICT, Related Services, Special Class (15:1), and ACES. The school is dedicated to providing support to all students in all settings.


At Francis Lewis High School, we provide a special class ACES Program (ACADEMIC, CAREER, AND ESSENTIAL SKILLS) designed for students with higher needs who are not pursuing a diploma. This program offers a small (15:1), structured setting for academic classes and opportunities for students to develop independent living skills and work-study programs.


Contact Information:

ISS Department at 718-281-8285