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PSAL (Public Schools Athletics League) FORMS:

    • (make sure all initials and signatures are complete)

2. Interscholastic Sports Medical Form (to be completed with student's physician)

3. CONSENT FORM for COVID-19 Testing


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Fall Sports

Girls Varsity Volleyball – Arnie Rosenbaum

Girls JV Volleyball – Michelle Barahona

Boys Fencing – Craig Skolnick

Girls Golf – Gerald Figliozzi     co-coach – Samantha Dickinson

Boys Cross Country – Michael Marando

Girls Cross Country – Justin Block

Girls Swimming – Natalia Cardona

Girls Soccer – Eleni Leto

Boys Soccer – Roger Sarmuksnis

Girls Bowling – Heather Kunz

Boys Bowling – Rezaul Khan

Girls Tennis – Wayne Zweigbaum

Winter Sports

Boys Varsity Basketball – Gerard Ciarleglio

Boys JV Basketball – Daniel Ardis

Girls Varsity Basketball – Tim Buckley

Girls JV Basketball – Michael Mason

Girls Indoor Track – Justin Block

Boys Indoor Track – Michael Marando

Boys Wrestling – Josue Herrera

Boys Swimming – Natalia Cardona

Girls Table Tennis – Marc Bucholtz

Spring Sports

Girls Fencing – Craig Skolnick

Girls Flag Football – Heather Kunz

Girls Varsity Softball – Bryan Brown

Girls JV Softball – Ricardo Verastegui

Boys Varsity Baseball – Joseph Gerloven

Boys JV Baseball – Liam Slattery

Girls Wrestling – Josue Herrera

Boys Tennis – Wayne Zweigbaum

Boys Volleyball – Maria Scalisi

Boys Handball – Roger Sarmuksnis

Girls Handball – Liz Lawlor

Girls Outdoor Track – Justin Block

Boys Outdoor Track – Michael Marando

Co-Ed Crickett – Rezaul Khan