~ May 3rd through May 27th ~

OPEN TO ALL GRADE LEVELS (Students & Parents)!

College Fair

Representatives from various colleges have set up VIRTUAL meetings SPECIFICALLY for Francis Lewis High School students and families!

Take advantage of the opportunities to learn about different collegiate institutions and programs, as well as developing personal connections at the different Colleges/Universities.

DEMONSTRATING INTEREST IN PROSPECTIVE COLLEGES can help with your admission/application process, as well as with possible scholarships and financial aid. Even for some of the colleges that you may not be as familiar with, learning about the different colleges and meeting representatives may be tremendous advantages during your FRESHMEN Application Process and/or for the future, if you ever decide to TRANSFER to a different college. So participate in as many sessions as possible!!


  • May 3rd through May 27th

  • Specifically for FLHS Students and Families!

  • Click on the event for meeting details.

  • Copy the event to your calendar.



(presented by collegevine.com)

It’s always good to come to College Fairs prepared, and one of the best ways to do that is to prepare some questions to ask the college representatives so that you come across as an informed and serious applicant. To get you started, here are 20 great questions you could ask a college representative at a College Fair. Even if you don’t decide to ask some of these questions, you should still try to find their answers before you finalize your college list.

  1. Does your school offer [major/minor program]? If so, can you tell me about it?

  2. What program(s} is the college noted for?

  3. Does the college offer any special programs like independent study, study abroad, etc?

  4. How do first-year students choose their classes?

  5. In what SAT score range/ACT score range do most of the admitted students score in?

  6. Are there any specific requirements for certain programs at the university?

  7. Are certain majors more competitive to gain admission to than others?

  8. What percent of applicants are accepted to the university?

  9. What financial aid programs does the college have?

  10. What is the amount of the average financial aid package awarded to students at the university?

  11. Are there separate deadlines for admission and scholarship applications?

  12. Can you tell me about other fees and costs in addition to tuition?

  13. Does your university have [name of club/organization/activity]?

  14. What do students at the university usually do during their free time?

  15. Do many students live off campus?

  16. Is there a sports complex or fitness center?

  17. Is there job placement help for graduates?

  18. What do most graduates from the university go on to do?

  19. How big/helpful is the alumni network on campus?

  20. I want to do [job/career field] after college. Is there something at the university that could help me pursue that?

If you’ve had an in-depth conversation with a college representative, stay in touch. Send a thank you for the time and information you received.

* Links to external Websites and information are provided for your convenience and do not constitute an endorsement.


Earn credit in your US History Class by completing the following tasks during our Virtual College Fair!


1. Attend the FLHS VIRTUAL COLLEGE FAIR (May 3rd through May 27th)

2. Complete the College List Organizer

3. You will receive instructions on how to submit your College List Organizer for an opportunity to earn credit in the class.


1. PowerPoint for Junior Spring Assembly

2. Class of 2022 Junior Bulletin/Guide

For any questions or concerns, please contact your College Counselor:

Best wishes from the College and Career Center!