FLHS Library Policies

The library is open to all students during their FREE PERIODS ONLY (including lunch periods and before/after their entire school day). To enter the library, you must present your ID for swiping at the entrance - there are no exceptions to this rule. Teacher-written passes can allow you to enter for printing. The library doors will be closed TEN minutes after the late bell, students will not be admitted thereafter; entry mid-period from the cafeteria is prohibited.  Hall passes are not available during the first and last ten minutes of the period, as per school policy.

In addition, the library’s computer lab is available for all students, and information regarding log-in usernames can be obtained from the librarian. Computers are for academic use ONLY - game playing and audio/video streaming are strictly prohibited.

The library offers books for borrowing, printing, peer- and teacher-tutoring for most subjects. While you are in the library, you must follow these rules:

      No eating or drinking (only bottled water is allowed)

      No blocking of path and walkways (by moving chairs)

      No card-playing

      Only four students per table, special permission required for more

      Hall pass usage is limited to five minutes, an ID is required for borrowing one

      Game playing and audio/video streaming are strictly prohibited in the computer lab

If a student fails to follow any of the library policies, a warning will be given and documented on his/her PupilPath account. The next time ANY infraction occurs, the student will be barred from entry to the library for one calendar month (unless it is for a class visit).